On March 1, the attorneys from the top-tier trial and litigation defense firm of Brown Eassa & McLeod LLP will join Sedgwick LLP. Brown Eassa is a well-known civil defense firm, with a breadth of experience in product liability, class action, commercial litigation, mass tort, labor and employment, and environmental matters. Seven partners and their team of associates will be based in Sedgwick’s San Francisco office, and one partner and one associate will work out of Sedgwick’s Los Angeles office.

The Brown Eassa trial lawyers joining Sedgwick specialize in complex mass tort and product liability cases. They have longstanding relationships with major U.S. and international business clients and represent those clients at the local, state and national level.

The partners joining in San Francisco are Eugene Brown, Jr., Robert Eassa, Bruce McLeod, Delia Isvoranu, Troy McMahan, Amee Mikacich and Susan Ogdie, along with their team of associates. In Los Angeles, partner Philip Cosgrove will be joined by an associate.



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