Junior to Mid-Level FERC (Litigation & Transactional) Associate Attorney

1 - 3 years
Our client is a very unique law firm with offices on the West Side of Houston.  The firm is busy, profitable, lifestyle oriented, but also able to focus and work hard when the need is there, which it currently is.  This opportunity is for a junior to mid-level (1-3 year) attorney to learn a unique regulatory practice.  No prior experience is required in the particular regulatory field, but some experience with either litigation or transactional practice generally is preferred.  There would be litigation-oriented work (discovery, motions, etc.) and there would also be contract drafting and negotiation required.  All the lawyers cross over in this firm.  Most likely, the practice will split between litigation and transactional work at a 50/50 ratio, but at times it could be 80/20 or even 100/0 during trial, etc. This firm stays busy in both good markets and bad.  Workload is manageable: the partners find lifestyle important, so the likelihood is that the successful candidate for this role will bill between 120 and 200 hours per month, with a 155-165 hour average, and will have a long and happy career with great people.   REQUIREMENTS: A high EQ is important.  The successful candidate will have early and regular exposure to clients so he/she needs to have strong poise and presence.  Also, academic success is important.  Grades from the top of your class at a lower-ranked school and at least top 1/3 from a school in the top-20 are required.  The material in this practice is dense and you will have a lot to learn early-on.  There's lots of training available and these are nice, patient partners, but they are not going to hire someone who has not demonstrated in law school and/or before law school the ability to  successfully take aboard a lot of dense material and synthesize it successfully.  So, please let us know up front what indicia you have in your educational background showing that this description fits you.  If the description of this position excites you, please get in touch with us at jobs@kinneyrecruiting.com or houston@kinneyrecruiting.com or call 713-658-1888.

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