Ambitious Young Lawyer Needed for Top Litigation Practice

East Texas
3 - 7 years
Our client is a first class plaintiffs trial firm handling personal injury and other torts.  The owner of the firm, in his final 10-15 years of practice, is one of the most successful trial lawyers in the state of Texas.  He's also a first-class guy, which narrows the field quite a bit.  He pays his people top-dollar, people stick around, and the members of the firm have fun and actually like each other.  This job is NOT in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, or really any other place in Texas that would likely be among your first choices to live.  Your spouse may hate you for dragging him or her to this place, at least until you have added a zero or two to the family wealth and secured the second home in Colorado.  If you are a smart lawyer, with or without any actual trial experience, and you want to be the absolute best trial lawyer you can possibly be, you should not really care where you are working geographically.  You'll be in the office 70-90 hours per week anyway.  At this firm, your effort will be worth it.  

The job: you'll run the logistics on scores of cases being prepared for trial, you will participate in trials and depositions from the get-go with one of the top trial lawyers in the state, and you will learn how your style can work in convincing a jury that they should find for your client.  In short, you will be trained to be the absolute best trial lawyer  you can be.  You will be paid a relatively low base salary, certainly not what the big firms in the money centers pay.  If you need $200K to stay afloat, you should probably not apply.  But the end of the year, based on firm performance, you will receive a bonus.  The bonuses at this firm have been $300K, $1M, or even $3+M.  No person in this firm feels under-compensated.  What's more is you will not need to bring in ANY of your own cases to achieve this sort of result.  

Interested? Get in touch with us and let us know about your interest.  If you are a fit, we'll get you in a conversation with the boss and you can see for yourself whether it's a match. 

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