Why Texas?

While the state’s pervasive anti-litter slogan “Don’t mess with Texas” may project
a certain excess of bravado, the attitude of the residents of this state is largely
cordial and polite. The Wild West history of the Republic informs the cultural
and professional interactions for natives and non-natives alike. The Golden
Rule is a real thing and significant deals still are made with handshakes (to the
chagrin of our friends with transaction-based practices). However, don’t mistake
some of these relaxed interactions and traditional habits to indicate a lack of
sophistication or competitive drive. Legendary and considerable generational
wealth has been generated here over the years from oil, cattle, land, and the
transportation industries. The state’s deep history with the energy industries had
it well-positioned to mitigate some of the deep recessionary effects felt in other

As a result the recruitment and placement of attorneys in Texas cities is at an all-
time high as the United States and regional economies continue to strengthen.
In many ways, now could be the best time to consider a lateral move to the
Lone Star State. The Texas recruiters at Kinney Recruiting each have deep
connections to the key markets and long-established relationships with potential
clients and candidates.

Below is a quick look at some answers to the questions “why,” and “what if,”


If there is one thing that native Texans are proud of, it is the history of their
state. A good way to break the ice with new colleagues or friends is through a
discussion about Texas’ past. Virtually every resident knows the story of Texas’
fight for sovereignty, its time as an independent Republic, the battle of Alamo in
San Antonio, the legacy of Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin, the six different
flags to fly over the territory or at least some detail the heroes and history of the
Texas Revolution. It is always a good idea to have some idea about the history of
a place you might call home. Few states have the colorful and dynamic history
that Texas has.


Football and sports in general are a huge part of the culture in Texas, and this
is not just limited to the two NFL teams, three NBA teams, and two MLS teams
that call the state home (in addition to a large group of minor league sports
clubs). The incredible popularity of high school football here was the basis for

the television show “Friday Night Lights,” and NCAA team sports are a big focus
of support from local alumni. High schools in Texas breed many of the most
sought-after recruits who attend many of the significant and prestigious Division I
universities around the country. Be prepared to hear about it (and talk about it).


What is is like to live in Texas? Well, it’s hot. Temperatures during this time
of year regularly top 100 degrees and some Texas cities (ahem, Houston) get
to brag about their somewhat tropical levels of humidity. All in all, the climate
in almost every corner of Texas would be considered temperate and extremely
livable. It’s not clear if the weather is one of the main reasons for living in Texas
but it’s certainly not reason to stay away.

Urban vs. Suburban

While cities like Houston (4th largest city in the US) and San Antonio (7th largest
city in the US) are the largest in the state and among the largest in the United
States, Texas is a huge state (2nd largest overall and largest in the lower 48)
– there are many small towns (and places that feel like small towns) and miles
of open space. Space and “room to spread out,” is certainly one of the biggest
selling points of a life / career in Texas. Home prices and cost of living rates are
among the most manageable just about anywhere in the US.

Urban in a large city in Texas is just like living anywhere else in America.
Certainly, the amenities, culture and feel of each major metropolitan area here
vary but such granular-level details are beyond the scope of this article. We
are always happy to discuss each market in Texas, including not just career
opportunities but also topics like culture, weather, living expenses, etc. – even if
you’re just considering a move and simply gathering information. Just give us a

We are biased but unbowed in our firm belief that Texas is the most spectacular
and unique place on Earth. We hope you’ll join us when you’re ready.

Houston Legal Hiring Report

We are seeing quite a bit of hiring activity from established corporate practice groups in all sectors of the market. Candidates with major market deal experience and some connection to the Texas market are getting numerous interviews from premier law firms. Specialty litigation associates (securities, patent litigation) are also getting significant attention. If you meet the criteria and are ready to consider the Texas market, it is a great time to explore opportunities. Remember, no state income tax, 300 days of sunshine a year, and low housing costs!