In-House Opening in China at Leading Internet / Social Media Company

We currently have a very exciting and rare type of in-house opening in China at one of the world’s leading internet and social media companies. Our client is looking for an IP Transactional / TMT / Licensing attorney with 2 to 6 years experience. The new hire will be based in Shenzhen or Shanghai. Mandarin is not required (deal documentation will be in English) but is preferred. A solid reason to be in China and a commitment to that market is required of course. This new hire will likely be US qualified (but could also be qualified in UK or other jurisdictions) and with experience and training at a top law firm’s IP transactional / TMT practice and could be currently at a law firm or in-house. Qualified candidates currently Asia based, Europe based or US based will be considered. The new hire’s supervisors in this technology transactions in-house team are very well regarded US trained IP transactional lawyers, with substantial experience at Silicon Valley firms. The culture and atmosphere in this in-house group and the company in general is entrepreneurial, team oriented, and the work is cutting edge, even for a cutting edge industry. The upside of being in an important strategic in-house position in this fast growing and world leading internet company is of the “sky is the limit” variety. Its a very exciting place to be in China for a rising IP transactional lawyer in our opinion, for many reasons beyond the basic info we can share here in this ad / post. This is a special A+ opportunity.


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Hong Kong / China Openings; Hiring Boom In First Quarter ’11?

Evan Jowers here, with a quick post before the New Year holiday. As you know from our recent posts, basicRobert Kinney and I have continued our pattern this year of traveling to Hong Kong / China to meet personally with clients and learn of openings (six trips each this year – ouch). Alexis Lamb of course is permanently based in our Hong Kong office and Yuliya Vinokurova travels to Asia periodically from her base in Russia. As a result of our availability to firms and more importantly our success in placing more US attorneys in Asia than any other recruiting firm, we are on top of many US associate openings at present in Hong Kong/China.

As you know from recent posts, we have many current openings for Mandarin fluent cap markets and M&A US associates (too numerous to list here). As the year winds to a close, we wanted to list in one place a description of some of our more unusual openings for US associates at top US and UK firms in Hong Kong / China:

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Expat Allowances are Going Up at the Top End in HK / China

Evan here. Please note that Robert Kinney and I will be back in Hong Kong all next week for meetings. Although our schedule is tight, we can fit in some meetings with prospective biglaw or in-house candidates. Feel free to reach out to us at .

expatIn just the past few weeks, we have seen a noticeable rise in the expat / cola allowances for US associates at some of the most competitive group of US and UK firms in HK / China. In fact , it appears that for the first time $80,000 may be taking hold as the eventual standard in HK / China. For the past several years, while there were anywhere from zero to four firms paying as much as $80,000 expat / cola for associates with no children, most of the top US and UK firms remained in the $60,000 to $65,000 allowance range. The competitive range continues to be $60,000 to $80,000, but more firms are at the top of that range than ever before in HK / China. Further, two top US firms pay $90,000 expat / cola (although one of those has tax equalization on the base).

While there has been already a trend in ‘10 for a number of the US and UK firms with less competitive expat / cola allowances to step it up (see, there has until very recently not been much movement in the competitive group, most of which have allowances in the mid $60,000’s (keep in mind that many major US and UK firms are still not in that competitive expat allowance range of $60,000 plus, but the size of that group is becoming smaller).

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Odds and Ends … A Week in the Life of a Jet Setting Recruiter


Evan here, writing from Tokyo, late Monday night, hoping you are laughing at my attempt at humor above.

So what is the latest on the general lateral market in Asia and the Middle East? Things have not changed much in the past six weeks, with many firms most definitely still interviewing on a fairly regular basis (although several big name firms are in temporary hiring freeze mode in Asia), albeit very selectively, and moving much slower than months ago in making offers. For example, this week I have an ’04 from the West Coast interviewing in Tokyo; an ’07 from NYC interviewing in Dubai; an ’01 from NYC interviewing in HK; an ’06 from NYC interviewing in Singapore; an ’06 from NYC interviewing in Moscow (well, it is Eurasia); an ’06 from HK interviewing in HK; and an’05 from NYC interviewing in HK. Only several months ago, most of these very impressive candidates would have offers in hand on the spot or within a few days of their interview, especially after already being pre-screened by me. Now, offer decisions are typically dragging out two weeks and sometimes much longer. Firms are also having multiple rounds of interviews, with the process continuing when the US based candidate returns home, by VC and / or phone calls (this was rare in the hotter market of earlier this year). Also, on a somewhat related note, we are noticing with our offers that some firms in mainland China and Singapore are wavering a bit on expat / cola / housing packages (offering less than they did earlier this year), but this is not at all happening in HK and Tokyo, where the packages are either the same or going higher (at many firms).

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Super Return Middle East


Evan here …

I just arrived back home yesterday after a very productive, interesting, and also fun month-long work trip in Dubai. I was very tempted to extend the trip one more week after being invited to attend the Super Return private equity conference, but unfortunately I had prior business commitments in the US.

In two weeks Robert and I will be in Tokyo for a week and I will be staying in Asia for another month long trip, so the posts will revert back to an Asia focus for a while. As Robert and I mentioned in a recent AmLaw article, “Where Do I Send My Resume”, by Brian Baxter, firms have become much more selective when considering laterals in busy overseas markets, but we continue to make placements in HK / China, Japan, Singapore, Russia and the UAE, and our substantial time spent on the ground in these markets is critical to our success, especially considering the global economic crisis.

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