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Kinney Recruiting Expands into Chicago
Written by Editor
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kinney Recruiting is pleased to announce the expansion of our services to the Chicago market.  With the opening of our newest office, we are now providing legal recruiting services on the ground in the Windy City as well as Austin, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Houston, Miami, and New York.  This strategic growth allows Kinney to further service some of our most important clients – many of whom call Chicago home, and to continue our standard operating procedure of keeping our ear close to the ground in every market we serve.

Our office in Chicago will be led by Chris Miller, who originally hails from the great state of Texas.  Chris has been a licensed attorney for more than 18 years, with a particular expertise in the management of large scale e-discovery programs, both at national firms and in the operation of third-party vendors. Read more…

The New ATL Power Rankings
Written by Robert Kinney
Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last summer we were approached by our friends at Above the Law about the possibility of sponsoring their new law firm rankings. Power 100 FirmsSince we know that lawyers (our target audience) are obsessed with seeing where they stand relative to their peers, it struck me as likely that the sponsorship would be valuable just from an “eyeballs” perspective. But nevertheless I was a little dubious at first about the value of such an undertaking. Is one more law firm ranking really necessary when we are already so well-endowed in this department by the American Lawyer and the National Law Journal, among others?

But after reviewing the research findings it became clear to me that Above the Law was on to something new and different in the way they were approaching the rankings. After all, the traditional approach to law firm ranking, pioneered by Steve Brill at the American Lawyer back in the 1980’s, focuses almost exclusively on questions of revenue and profitability, seeking to establish the law firm pecking order based on such fundamental metrics as total revenue and profits per partner. There is no doubt that this served a real purpose in the market initially, by exposing what had previously been very closely held information to the light of day. Read more…

Written by Editor
Thursday, October 9, 2014

If you are a US associate at a top US firm and contemplating a move from US to Asia or within Asia, your choice of recruiter / agent may have a great influence over your job search experience.  There are three realities of selecting a recruiter that have the potential to greatly influence your career: First, the vast majority of recruiters who are calling you have the time to make those calls only because there is nothing else they really do and their contacts at firms are minimal at best, notwithstanding their convincing claims to have close relationships with various US partners at target firms in Asia.  Second, most recruiters in the Asia markets (whether they are based in Asia, US or elsewhere) will send your resume to many more firms than you give them permission to contact.  This type of behavior of recruiters is unfortunately common in the US markets too, but even more prevalent in the Asia markets.  Third, many recruiters who are calling you with news of an opening at your level at one or more of the three most targeted and popular firms in HK / China for US associates are simply making up a story (maybe there actually is an opening at one of those firms, but they don’t care or know, they only know they have a better chance to get your resume if they talk about “openings” at your level at a particular firm or firms).

Against this backdrop consider that most recruiters covering the Asia markets have not made more than 10 placements of US associates in Asia in their lifetimes. Read more…

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